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This complimentary consult will discuss your style dreams and goals. The Style Consultation will help us to know your style needs. Through chatting with Mayra Lucia, she will find which service best suits you. Consults are held over the phone or zoom. 

This consultation is perfect for discovering what personal styling is all about. 

Duration: 20 Min. 

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Let’s Get in to It, your Closet is the best way to learn about yourself. This session focuses on curating your style while at home in your Closet. Using your existing clothing collection, Mayra Lucia will personally guide the decluttering and personalization of your wardrobe.


Together, you will take out what doesn’t work and discuss what is possibly needed. You will see your pieces in a new way and wear them to the fullest combination of possibilities. 


You will also receive a Customized Lookbook with 5-8 looks from your curation session. This offering best gives your existing basics a fresh new look. Curating your Closet allows you to feel relaxed when you engage in the daily ritual of getting dressed every day. 



Enjoy a unique and complete styling experience that includes every aspect of personal styling. Mayra Lucia will be there every step of the way to guide you through your brand-new, authentic transformation. Get ready to visit your favorite stores to discover pieces that showcase and reveal your style.

Together we will discuss and set the tone for your new style and the new you. Cull the items that don't enhance your daily ritual of getting dressed. Shop, learn, and relax while we gather key and statement pieces to see your style unfold.  Let's bring you and your new pieces to life with

hand-selected pairings for your new look.

You will also receive a Customized Look book with 8-10 looks for the season. As many client preferences may differ, Mayra Lucia offers options to combine sessions to cater to client needs. This special experience will teach you what fits well and how to dress for your professional wear, and everything else in between. *Additional charge applies to larger closets.


Available for In-person & Virtual. 


Paparazzi Photographers


Available for custom style services for a special occasion or project such as:

Event Styling

Travel Styling

 Holiday Styling 

Photoshoot & Fashion Styling

​Pricing is available upon request.

Also available to travel outside of Portland Metro with additional cost.

Available for In-person & Virtual. 

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