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"the most
shopping day of
my entire life"

"It felt like going shopping with a friend, I mean it in all the best and most important ways. Mayra handles every aspect of the day. From stocking the dressing room to dealing with the cashier about sales to making sure your blood sugar isn’t too low and stopping for a smoothie break. I had the most stress-free shopping day of my entire life. I made it out of the mall without talking to one salesperson! That’s a dream! She is the perfect person for this job. She knew exactly what I needed before I did. She made me feel confident and proud about my choices. Mayra even tailored a shirt that was just a little too snug around the middle! I had a great time and will forever use Mayra Lucia Styling for my future needs!

Amber Sparks

A. Sparks Art Installation 

"Mayra is 

“I really appreciate all the time she took with me and how she helped me identify my own tastes. I started thinking all I wanted was to add some color but after editing with her realized I prefer texture. Before we went shopping, I was feeling insecure that my wardrobe didn’t fit my body or career. Mayra guided me so my clothes fit the new me and my personality. She also took the time to show me stores and styles that fit my look so when we were done I could do some building on my own. Thanks to Mayra I have a new winter wardrobe that I feel confident in at work, at home, and on important trips! “

Zhade Long, J.D. 

PORTFOLIO copy.png

"I'm still getting compliments from my colleagues!"

Mayra is a fantastic stylist! My entire wardrobe needed an overhaul and she made it a breeze. Thanks to her suggestions, I was able to get an update to my preferred style, plus a few pieces that I never would have picked for myself, but really love. A couple months after my styling, I am still getting complements from colleagues and family!

Matthew Farrell, J.D. 

"Mayra is knowledgable, professional and detailed"

Mayra styled my fiancé and I for our engagement shoot and let me tell you...she did a FABULOUS job!! Mayra is a knowledgeable, professional, detailed, and super fun stylist to work with. From start to finish she made us feel comfortable and heard. She asked great questions to get to know our style, goals for the session, and who we are individually to represent us well in the looks. And when I tell you this girl knows fashion, she KNOWS fashion. She can make any vision happen x10. HIRE HER NOW! I left this experience with no regrets and will be loving our photos forever. Such a fun experience!!

Katheren Betterman 

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